Friday, August 6, 2010

Lolla: First impressions

It's nice to finally be here and I hit up B.O.B. first thing. He's one of the only hip-hop artists on the lineup, really. And he's pretty damn good.

I wasn't as familiar with the first several songs he did, but the end of the set was fabulous.

"Beautiful Girls" was the first one and the crowd knew the whole refrain. After that, Hayley Williams' voice chimed in for "Airplanes," and the crowd went nuts (I might have some video later). B.O.B. had his arms straight out from his sides doing the airplane dance.

I thought that would be it. But a roadie brought B.O.B. an acoustic guitar and he said he wanted to end it woth one of his favorite songs. The first few notes to MGMT's "Kids" came from the stage and the hipsters went batty for it. I'm wondering if MGMT will be able to top it when they play Sunday (or if they'll even do it).

Wavves was next for me and they were pretty lackluster. It"s like the garage rock a surfer would make with lots of "ooooOOOoooo"s going on. All the songs sounded the same to me.

I think I'll go see Jukebox the Ghost now and then Drive-By Truckers.

The only letdown so far is the promised free, park-wide wifi is down. That sucks.

Interesting are the apparent Lady Gaga fans walking around in spandex and masks and stuff. That or they're just weird festival people. Either option is quite possible.

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