Friday, August 6, 2010

Lolla: Good and not good

As with any music festival, there's been great stuff today, but there's also not-so-good, too.

I just got done seeing the New Pornographers, which was fantastic. The talented ninesome delivered songs from its new album, my favorite being "Moves."

Neko Case looked pretty hilarious with her firey red curls spilling out of a giant, black and white striped floppy hat.

The music is layered and there's plenty of nuance. The harmonies are impeccable. But I feel like, as with any good song, they'd stand solid if it was just a guy (A.C. Newman in this case) and a guitar.

On the other hand, you haveea group like the Fuck Buttons, who are on stage right now. A guy next to me just said "They're good as hell," but I beg to differ. It's synth noise and samples without any real direction. Ugh.

An earlier treat was Jukebox the Ghost. They played Beatles-esque pop rock with a tinge of dancey, Killers to them. They were fun and upbeat and a little bit quirky.

They also did a cover of that '90s pop song that goes thusly: "I love you, always, forever, near and far, close and together..." As I said before, weird, but good.

I also caught the Drive By Truckers. They were solid, but unremarkable. I know people that swear by the band, but I was unimpressed.

Black Keys, Jimmy Cliff, Lady Gaga and The Strokes coming up...

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