Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Headlines! Tim Kasher's new song, Juggalos, a cup of pee and more

Lots going on in the last two days.

The first item here is of biggest note to me. I'm really looking forward to a non-Cursive album from Cursive's Tim Kasher.

• Check out the first song from Tim Kasher's self-titled solo debut: "Cold Love."

"Mostly, (the it's about) really boring sex, couples who have run out of steam in their relationships, whose sex life is reduced to going through the motions," he said to about the song.

Download below:

• If you hadn't heard yet, Wyclef Jean wants to be Haiti's president. Win Butler of Arcade Fire, who's raised a lot of money for the country's recovery, doesn't think that's a good idea.

Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart is selling a cup of his own pee to benefit Graveface Records, which lost a ton of merch in a recent flood..

• When will the madness stop? Over the weekend, Insane Clown Posse hosted its annual Gathering of the Juggalos. It pretty much went down like you think it would (mayhem, violence, trashy people). Spin has a report. Rolling Stone has photos. Method Man says he'll sue. Tila Tequila's pretty upset, too.

Courtney Love settled a lawsuit over Nirvana royalties.

• There's a new video for of Montreal's "Coquet Coquette." What's featured? Cannibalism, of course. The band comes to Sokol Auditorium on Oct. 22. Get your tickets.

The National has a new song called "You Were A Kindness."

• Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, who was just in Omaha, talks about the band's upcoming album.

• You might not know Ben Shepherd's name, but you do know his band: Soundgarden. The bassist is now saying that, despite the band's reunion, he's broke and homeless. Maybe he'll be able to dry his eyes on the giant check Lollapalooza wrote the band for its headlining gig a couple weeks ago.

• One of the biggest record deals in music history was just signed by Coldplay. The band's haters will apparently have to endure them for awhile longer.

• Forbes recently named the top money-makers in hip-hop (earners, that is, not the other definition). Jay-Z tops the list.

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