Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lolla: The day has begun; Omaha represents at Lolla

I'm back in the park, but it's early enough that not a lot is really going on. I've checked into the media area really quick to log into my computer and prepare for the day.

I'm planning on hitting up the Morning Benders in a little bit. Then I'll check out the Soft Pack on another festival-goers recommendation (one of the best ways to find a good, new group). After, I'm going to run over to see Rogue Wave and then Blues Traveler.

Then I'm going to trek across the fest for The xx and maybe Grizzly Bear. Then it's a mile back to the other end to hit up Social Distortion and then Green Day. I'm skipping Phoenix (the day's other headliner) because the Frenchies are playing at Stir Concert Cove on Friday and I'm going to that.

It's going to be a fun day. Any recommendations? Drop me a line at

* * *

Yesterday, I wore my red "Omaha" T-shirt that I bought at Drastic Plastic awhile back.

I got a ton of reaction from it, mostly from random Omaha folks that spotted me. I also ran into a few friends that saw a guy in an Omaha shirt and then realized it was me. Pretty funny.

Today, I'm rocking a Little Brazil shirt. Let's see if anyone recognizes that one. that would be cool.

* * *

Speaking of Omahans, I spotted Dan Brennan onstage yesterday. If you're a regular patron at Slowdown or have seen Cursive before, you've seen Brennan ambling around onstage, hooking up microphones, amps and the like.

Brennan is Slowdown's house sound guy when he's not out doing sound for Cursive. He also played bass in the 1989 Cubs around Omaha.

So what was he doing onstage at Lollapalooza? Doing sound for the New Pornographers. I thought it was pretty cool to see an Omaha guy doing something on that large of a scale. The NPs played to several thousand people yesterday afternoon and Brennan was the guy who made it all sound right.

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