Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bright Eyes listening party; Could it be a No. 1 album?

If you haven't listened to Bright Eyes' "The People's Key," get on it. It's not that hard to find.

Today, Saddle Creek Records announced it will host a listening party and pre-sale on Feb. 14, which is the day before the album comes out and also Valentine's Day.

Romantic? Uh, sure.

Party starts at 8 p.m. Also, you better be 21 or older or the won't let you in.

Homer's Music is also guaranteeing the album will be in stock. Get it there for $9.99 on CD or $19.99 for the vinyl at Homer's through Feb. 27.

With all the tracks released, streams, videos and now this party, it looks like Bright Eyes is making a real push for this album. It's bigger a bigger push than most indie bands go for and certainly one of the biggest that Saddle Creek Records has done (in my memory).

Could Bright Eyes be No. 1 on its release week?

It's possible. On Feb. 15, "The People's Key" is up against releases from Devotchka, Ginuwine, P.J. Harvey, Drive-by Truckers, Rev Theory, Sonic Youth and Mogwai.

Unless Ricky Martin's album (out yesterday) sticks to the top of the charts for three weeks (unlikely), Bright Eyes could pull it off.

Even if they don't, the band has had top 10 releases with its last couple efforts. I'd expect at least that this time, too.

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