Friday, February 4, 2011

Five reasons you should go to the party tonight; Plus the weekend roundup

What's your weekend plan? Aside from the Super Bowl, I mean.

Me, I'm headed to see Little Brazil, Ideal Cleaners and The Fucking Party tonight at the Sydney for's launch party.

You see, the fine folks at want you to hear and learn more about music from this fine state of ours. They also want to use the site to broadcast our music to the world.

So, here are five reasons you should go to tonight's part.

1. Good music. Three great bands for only five bucks. Plus Little Brazil has some new tunes I'm sure they'll play.

2. Support a nonprofit. The website is run as a nonprofit and needs donations to stay afloat (and help the Normans eat and pay bills), so your five bucks will really help.

3. Andy Norman is a cool dude. Seriously, he's a really good guy and I've known him since his first day at The Reader when he didn't know where the bathroom was (I was an intern at the time). If you bump into him (or his wife or any of the other people involved), tell them "good job" and then attempt to talk to them about something other than the site. Conversation that doesn't involve "music" and "websites" will probably be welcome.

4. I'll be there. And you know wherever I am is the place to be. (Kidding...)

5. The Fucking Party has one of the best names of any band in town. You really can't argue with how much awesomeness is projected from that name. Also on the band's Facebook page, frontman John El says he can singlehandedly drink Little Brazil under the table. This I'd like to see.

Note: If you're a Lincolnite and would prefer not to drive to Omaha, you're in luck. Just go to the Lincoln launch party at Duffy's on Sunday. Same deal, just different bands: Conduits, Kill County, Down With The Ship and Manny Coon. Enjoy.

* * *

If you're looking for other stuff to do this weekend, try out the following:

• Ladyfinger's Chris Machmuller will spin records at O'Leaver's tonight.

Kris Lager Band plays with Funk Trek and Rock Paper Dynamite tonight at the Waiting Room. 8 bucks at the door.

Cymbal Rush has a CD release show tonight at Slowdown with In Love, Everyday/Everynight and Tree. 7 bones at the door.

Ladyfinger plays Saturday at Slowdown with Techlepathy and The Stay Awake. That show is also 7 bills at the door.

That's about all I got. Good thing, too, because I was starting to run out of slang words for "dollar" that started with the letter "b."

Enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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