Monday, February 21, 2011

Video: Pete Yorn, Ben Kweller and Tim Wildsmith

Saturday marked a fun night for me at the Whiskey Roadhouse in Council Bluffs. While others were packed into the MAC for the roller derby, we headed to the casino where a sold-out crowd was waiting for Ben Kweller and Pete Yorn.

I have to say it was my first time at the Whiskey Roadhouse. I was honestly pretty impressed with the sound. It was pristine from where I was located, just a few people back from center stage.The layout was kinda weird with all of the tables just beyond the standing crowd and damn hard to navigate if you wanted to grab a ($4.25) bottle of beer.

Anyway, you can read my full review if you'd like.

The reason you're here is for some video.

Kweller's one of my favorite acts around. He's also a really cool guy and always signs autographs and talks to fans after shows. I chatted with him for awhile and he revealed that he just finished a new album that he'll be putting out on his own label. Look for it later this year.

Yorn put on a very rocking performance. This video's of "Murray," which closed out the night. His set felt a bit short, and I heard after the show that he "wasn't feelin' it." Odd to me since people were pretty bouncy and seemed to be digging the show. Oh well.

Tim Wildsmith performed a little "afterparty" set out on the miniscule stage between the Whiskey Roadhouse and the casino proper. He did a mix of covers and originals and it was pretty fun, especially because he was playing to a bunch of people playing craps and blackjack. His best effort that night, though, was a cover of Cee Lo's "Forget You" that the gathered crowd really loved. (Sadly, I wasn't able to get the whole song, but the above should give you a decent idea.)

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