Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Column: Stuck inside? Tips to help you pass the time

Ready for some non-Bright Eyes news? Here's my column that's publishing in tomorrow's paper.

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By Kevin Coffey
© 2011 Omaha World-Herald

Lately, I’ve been having the notion that going outside means certain doom.

Or, at least freezing.

So, while it hasn’t kept me from going to a show I wanted to see, I’ve been spending most of the rest of my time indoors.

I’m sure you have, too.

If you’ve been stuck inside a little (or a lot) lately, here are some suggestions on how to pass the time (musically, of course).

Play Trivial Pursuit with the Music Singles package. It’s a set of 100 question and answer cards that can be played as its own stand-alone game or you can add the cards to your Trivial Pursuit board game. It will definitely test your musical knowledge.  

Four words: Snow day dance party. Get your roommates/kids/spouse/friends who are stuck at home with you, and get down with your bad selves. Or if you’re by yourself, crank it up and just go it alone.

Cruise and listen to some new, good, live music. At the moment, they have shows posted from Best Coast, Iron & Wine, The Decemberists and a ton more that were posted just within the last month.

Learn something. Netflix has a host of music documentaries on its “watch instantly” list. I recommend trying out “Stones in Exile,” the story of the making of the Rolling Stones’ “Exile On Main Street” by the Rolling Stones; “Heavy Metal In Bagdhad,” a film about Iraqi heavy metal outfit Acrassicauda; and “Air Guitar Nation,” a funny look at the world of air guitar. If those don’t float your boat, there about 100 more under “rockumentaries.”  (Hint: they offer a one-month free trial if you’re not already a member.)

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Any other suggestions? Drop them in the comments below.

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