Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's True is back! Record release party coming April 1

It's True back in 2010.
Remember how It's True broke up?

Yeah, right when they were getting a following and played the Maha Music Festival main stage. Then that Maha show (and the afterparty) turned out to be the band's last show.

Frontman/songwriter Adam Hawkins moved away and the band was dead. But, as you may have heard, he's actually reconvened with a new band (not sure who's in it).

They've been working on a new record, and now it's time to release it.

The band will release "Another Afterlife" with a show April 1 at the Waiting Room Lounge. No word on price, etc., but local folks Noah's Ark Was A Spaceship and Cowboy Indian Bear and Pueblo, Co., band Haunted Windchimes are also on the bill.

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