Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lollapalooza: Best Coast in the (pouring) rain

Sunday afternoon had a very rock 'n roll feeling to it. As Best Coast played its sunny California surf pop, the skies opened up and absolutely poured rain down on everybody.

As singer/guitarist Beth Cosentino remarked from the stage, it was one of those festival moments that you'll never forget.

There was no seeking shelter. And after a minute or so, I couldn't possibly have gotten any more soaked, so I just stood there and took it.

Mud pits formed all over the place and everyone rocked out pretty hard while we got covered with buckets of water.

As quickly as it started, it stopped as soon as Cosentino and friends left the stage. After that, I wrung out my shirt, grabbed a bite to eat and got ready for the rest of the night.

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