Friday, August 5, 2011

Lollapalooza: I'm finally here

After an early rise and a long drive, I've finally made it into the festival. Hooray, me!

At the moment, I'm catching the very end of a set by the Smith Westerns, a band remember not liking at all at SXSW. But I'm digging them right now. They have a slow surf punk sound that's pretty enjoyable on a warm summer day.

Next up is The Kills, a band fronted by Alison Mosshart from The Dead Weather and featuring guitar by Jamie Hince.

That's it. Just them. No drummer or bassist even though apparently pre-recorded drum and bass parts were playing.

Could they not afford to hire two guys? The pre-recorded stuff sounds OK, but I imagine live people would make them even more lively.

Hince is a pretty good player and the songs were good and loud and noisy if not pretty repetitive. I also like Mosshart's voice but have yet to hear her in anything that utilizes her talents to their full extent.

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