Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lollapalooza: Disappointment with Cee Lo

It's not often that you see a bad show at a music festival. The idea I'd that the band's are curated and must have done something worthy to play a show like Lollapalooza. Also, you have your choice on what to see, so you're likely to miss bands you don't like.

Cee Lo has certainly earned a spot at Lolla. And he doesn't suck.

But Saturday's performance wasn't good.

Part of the responsibility for that laid on the crowd, which was mostly there to see headliner Eminem and didn't give Cee Lo a lot of energy.

But it was also his fault. Instead of starting the set with some familiar songs (say, a Gnarls Barkley tune), he kicked things off with a pair of covers.

Clad in Thunderdome-style football pads and silver spikes, Cee Lo led his all-female band (in S&M-looking outfits) through some unfamiliar solo tunes.

He seemed unenthusiastic and said several times that the crowd should be happy since he was wearing a ridiculous costume.

The crowd kind of got restless and a lot of people yelled out "Fuck You" with a tone that seemed like a combination song title and pejorative.

The set ended early because of what Cee Lo called technical difficulties even though it seemed like he was just giving up.

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