Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lollapalooza: Death From Above 1979

Since they're indie famous, haven't played in five years and since I really like Sebastien Grainger's solo album from Saddle Creek, I felt like I had to go see Death From Above 1979.

It was loud, raucous, noisy and the sweaty, muddy masses loved it. A giant mosh pit was pressed up against the barriers and covered in mud (it rained earlier and a mud pit formed in front of the main stage).

Me? Eh, I thought it was OK. The music has energy, to be sure, but that translated more to chaos than amazing songs.

Grainger and Jesse Keeler were more noise rock than dance punk this time around and were louder than hell. They were also complete opposites. Grainger's hair was dyed blond and he wore all white while Keeler was in all black.

As they played, I got more into them, especially the song "Little Girl."

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