Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lollapalooza: The Joy Formidable's beautiful, crashing set

I started of the third and final day of Lollapalooza with a band I've seen before: The Joy Formidable.

I've described the Welsh band before as Silversun Pickups with a hot female singer. With buzzing guitar, thumping bass grooves and a driven sound, it's not far off.

They played a short set: Just 30 minutes of their allotted 45. But I kept overhearing people say "fucking amazing" and "so fucking good" as we left.

"Fuckin' hell. Yeah!" said guitarit/lead singer Ritzy Bryan after the crowd went wild for their first song. "Lollapalooza! It's nice to see ya."

The band can play softly and poppy, but the slam into other songs. When they hit like that, it's likes Marshall stack brig dropped on you.

They ended the set with an 8-minute version of "Whirring" that saw the petite Bryan smashing her Strat into a gong while the other two members made as much noise as possible.

It was pure cacophony, but still held together with rhythm and purpose.

(I'll post a video as soon as I'm able.)

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