Friday, August 5, 2011

Lollapalooza: Ok Go

Of course Ok Go took the stage in Skittles colors. Why wouldn't they?

They're the goofballs that made the treadmill video and the live video with the marching band and once showed at an awards show wearing custom suits made from couch upholstery.

Anyway, one thing I've always loved about Ok Go is how yet have fun with the music. Why do it normal when it would be so much more fun to be zany.

They certainly had that vibe on Friday. The first few songs were pretty straightforward, but then they turned things up.

They played the entirety of "Return" with hand bells, those bells they use at church. Lead singer Damian Kulash called them "the instrument invented by God himself." He later pulled his guitar and mic stand into the crowd to play a song.

Their last few songs included "Here It Goes Again" and "This Too Shall Pass."

Those were the big guns and people went appropriately nuts or them, including singing the refrain of the latter after Kulash's comments that the crowd wasn't nearly as loud as at Glastonbury (boo!) or Coachella (even more boos).

I also admire the band's music. It's garage punk, but if you put a little bit of thump, swagger and dancey pop in the mix.

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