Friday, July 2, 2010

Conor Oberst explains his position on Arizona (and Fremont)

Bright Eyes and Conor Oberst fans in Arizona won't be seeing either anytime soon (unless they travel out of state).

As you probably already know, Oberst and quite a few others decided to boycott performing in Arizona due to the state's recent adoption of a new anti-immigration law. Headed by Rage Against the Machine's Zach de la Rocha, the organization is called Sound Strike.

Earlier in the week, Arizona promoter Charlie Levy urged bands to reconsider. He thinks using performances in Arizona as a way to rally against the law would be better than a boycott. I understand the guy's position since he's going to lose his ass if enough bands sign onto this boycott. He won't have any shows to promote.

Oberst penned an "open letter" to Levy basically stating that while he doesn't like the boycott, it's the best option.

Remember the op-ed Oberst was going to write for the OWH? This is more or less it. Honestly, the open letter is even better.

In it, Oberst mentions Fremont a bit.

"If this Fremont law had been passed statewide instead of in a rural town of 25,000 people, I would be the first to call for a boycott of my home state," he wrote. "This way of thinking and legislating is so dangerous, and such a threat to our basic ideals as Americans and Humans, that we cannot stand by and do nothing."

He also mentioned a concert here in town that will raise money for an ACLU challenge of the Fremont law. Expect details soon (that is, if you haven't already heard all the rumors).

Head over to Billboard to read the letter.

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