Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maha: Voodoo Method and It's True

I've never seen Voodoo Method before, but I was impressed. I don't know how much they fit with the rest of the bands, but it was good stuff. Their style is kind of rock/r&b/blues and the band's singer has a great voice.

The lead singer was one of the most energetic guys I've ever seen especially considering he was playing to about 30 or 40 gathered in front of the stage. A few hundred more were seated near the stage(s), but who knows how much they were paying attention.

Kudos goes to Voodoo Method's bassist, who was wearing a kilt. Brave choice.

* * *

It's True just played the best set I've ever seen them pull off. A shame, too, because it's the band's last show. They're one of the best (and definitely the most buzzed about) bands in town, but Adam Hawkins is moving away.

They sounded great on the big soundsystem of Maha's main stage, better than I've ever heard them play before. They got about a 45-minute set in and the crowd went wild for them.

Little does anyone in the crowd know that it's the last time It's True will be seen (aside from tonight's afterparty show at the Waiting Room). Neither Hawkins nor anyone else made any acknowledgment of the band's demise. Wonder what will happen at tonight's show.

* * *

Betsy Wells is playing on the side stage now. Chris Aponick from The Reader said they looked like an Urban Outfitters commercial. I agree.

I don't know if it's the band or the side stage, but it sounds awful, like an amp or speaker is blown. It's too loud and really muddy.

Also, the side stage is in a crappy spot, on top of a concrete wall just to the left of the main stage. It's awkward and kinda lame (the kind of stage that barely deserves to be called a stage).

I wonder how it will be for bands like the Mynabirds or Satchel Grande who are going to need a clean, good sound. We shall see.

More later...

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