Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maha: Holy f#&$ing Superchunk

Two things:

1) I have a sunburn.

2) I would hate to be Satchel Grande right now.

Why? Because Superchunk was freaking amazing. The band ended the set with "Slack Motherfucker," and the hipsters and indie kids went wild for it. Not to mention that the band's entire set was fantastic.

Add in that Superchunk has never played Omaha before and you get a priceless performance.

"It's so good to finally play a show in goddamn Omaha," singer Mac McCaughan said.

Later on, he added, "We didn't not play in Omaha for 21 years on purpose. But we're here now. That's what counts. We're all here together."

Hopefully they make it back soon.

* * *

I'm not disparaging Satchel Grande at all. But they're not lucky to have to follow Superchunk or lead into The Faint, both freaking intense bands.

They just played "Working Title," my favorite song by the band and now they're doing more from their latest album, "Dial M For Mustache."

Andrew Kammerer, who I ran into in the crowd, said Chris Klemmensen has been recording a bunch of new Satchel songs. I'm excited to hear them.

Faint and Spoon follow... Updates later.

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