Friday, July 2, 2010

Son of 76 & the Watchmen; Weekend roundup

I didn't catch Son of 76 and the Watchmen's whole set last night, but I enjoyed what I saw. There was a crowd of around 100 to catch the show, and an abnormal amount of dedicated fans for a local group. People were dancing in front of the stage and one woman was singing all the words to every song. I guess you could call her a fan.

Josh Hoyer is talented and has a voice that I can only describe as interesting. It's kinda gruff, but soulful. In addition to his chops, he also has a confidence about him because he's been doing this for awhile, which is a great asset for a frontman.

My only complaint would be that the show seemed to lack variety. The songs didn't sound the same, per se, but most were played at the same tempo. Then again, I didn't catch the whole set, so I very well may be full of crap.

Check out some of their songs. You like? See the band Saturday at Stir for $5.

* * *

What else this weekend?

• You have Foreigner, Styx and Kansas tonight at Memorial Park. Plus fireworks. I'll be there with some friend, but I honestly won't be paying a ton of attention to the music.

• I would also recommend Honey & Darling's Saturday show at the Waiting Room. They're always a treat. I wish I could go, but I'm being sent to cover Justin Bieber's concert at the Qwest. So excited about that one.

• Also Saturday is the Red, White & GOO dance party. How better to celebrate our nation's independence? $5 at Slowdown.

This is a little early, but there are two great shows next Tuesday: The Hold Steady at Slowdown and Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers at the Waiting Room (with Brad Hoshaw). Wish I could go to both.

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