Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maha: The Faint never fails

Has the Faint ever put on a bad show? Maybe, but I've never seen one. They never fail to absolutely rock the place every time.

Even the older folks in the way back of the crowd got up out of their chairs and were grooving.
I ran into Dan McCarthy after the Faint's set, who told me that even though he's not the kinda guy who likes a big crowd, he was pushing his way to the front. I'm the same way.

They pulled out all the old favorites ("Paranoiattack," "Glass Danse," etc.) as well as newish stuff ("Geeks Were Right," "Forever Growing Centipedes" and others) and it all mixed together.

And even though everyone in the crowd went off during the sweaty dance party that was the Faint's set, I still maintain that no one is as excited to be at a Faint show than frontman Todd Fink.

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