Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's True breaking up? It's, uh, true

I wasn't there last night, but I heard that It's True frontman Adam Hawkins proclaimed on the Slowdown stage that the band was calling it quits

Is it true? Apparently so.

I asked keyboardist Karl Houfek if they were breaking up. "That is, in fact, the truth," he told me.

Maha Music Festival, where the band is playing the main stage, will be the group's last performance. (Maha confirmed it.) The band performs tonight at the Bourbon Theatre for its next-to-last show.

It's a shame, really. They're a great band and have been a pleasure to see each time I've caught them live. They were doing the right things, such as performing at South By Southwest and taking a long jaunt down the west coast.

They received plenty of press around town, including from me. They seemed happy about the band and the album and such when I last talked to all of the.

"I don’t think we’ve arrived or anything. We need to remember that the songs are first and we are all second to the songs," Hawkins said back in April.

So, what happened? I have no idea. They never signed with a label, which appeared to be frustrating. The trip to SXSW seemed to lack any real benefits, they told me afterward. And the most recent tour? Perhaps it was a bad experience. Who knows?

Anyway, I am sad to see them go. All of the guys in that band are very talented and, I'm sure, will move on to other gigs. We'll have to wait and see where they end up.

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