Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Maha band announced: Voodoo Method

The OEA awards showcase was Friday night and last night. I missed out on both, but caught the SPEED! Nebraska soapbox derby race and showcase yesterday. You can read the whole report on the race and the show in Tuesday's paper and online.

But Voodoo Method won the showcase vote last night. I've never ever heard of them, but the band calls itself a "rock and soul" band on its Facebook page. Seems like a pretty apt description from the YouTube videos posted there.

I hope next year they just select 5 local bands instead of having voting. I'm all about letting the people "have a voice," but part of showcasing Omaha's talent is to pick those bands and tell people that these bands are the cream of the crop, not letting fans tell you want they want to hear. That's just my opinion.

Anyway, the lineup is set for Saturday's show. Get your tickets soon. If you haven't bought them yet, please enter my Maha ticket giveaway.

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