Monday, March 1, 2010

Headlines! Rolling Stones, top earners and more

Today, I finally listened to the latest John Mayer record that came out in November (he plays in town Thursday) and finally read the full Playboy interview that he got in a lot of trouble for. Other than those few controversial paragraphs, it was a great interview and a very interesting insight into a hugely popular artist and how he deals with it.

Is he kind of a jerk? Yeah. Is he a good musician? Yeah. He's a great guitarist and, depending on your view, a good pop singer/songwriter. I'm more a fan of his guitar work, but that's me.

I also listened to The Mynabirds' new record (out April 27 on Saddle Creek) and enjoyed the first listen quite a bit (full review later).

I tried to listen to She & Him's new record, "Volume Two," (out March 23 on Merge) but was thwarted by some anti-piracy thing that won't allow me to listen to it on my computer. I guess I'm going to have to try my car stereo or my actual stereo at home. I wonder if they realize how few people (press people especially) listen to music on a stereo any more. (Again, full review later.)

Onto headlines... It's not a crazy day, but there is some interesting stuff and good music going down today. Check it out:

The Rolling Stones issued "Exile On Main Street" with a few new tracks.

• Billboard released their list of the top 40 money makers in music last year. U2 tops the list and Metallica, Kenny Chesney, the Jonas Brothers and Madonna are all in the top 10.

• Producer Brian Eno is talking about the new Coldplay album.

Pavement is officially back. The group played their first show in 10 years in New Zealand last night. Spin has photos, a setlist and a review. The closest they'll get to Omaha on their tour is Kansas City on Sept. 11. (dates here)

• Bass player and band leader for Hall & Oates, Tom "T-Bone" Wolk died over the weekend. They were set to perform on Jimmy Fallon for his 1-year anniversary, but canceled.

Paramore is making a new video (they're also in town in May). Check out some behind the scenes stuff.

• Have you listened to the stream of the Gorillaz new record yet? You should check it out. It comes out next Tuesday.

Today in Rock History: Patti Smith marries Fred "Sonic" Smith of the MC5 in 1980. Jim Morrison is arrested onstage in Miami in 1969. Happy Birthday to Roger Daltrey (66).

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