Saturday, March 20, 2010

SXSW: Winding down

What a week...

Anyway, it took until the end of the week to see maybe the best band I've seen here at South By.
As previously mentioned, Frightened Rabbit has been getting rave reviews from everyone I know that's seen them. My experience earlier in the evening was no different.
I'd heard of Frightened Rabbit before, but never got much into them. You ever have the experience of seeing a band and then feel like rushing out and buying their ebtire back catalogue? That was my experience today.

I don't know how to describe them other than saying they're a rock band. FR's frontman said Craig Finn of the Hold Steady is his musical hero, so that's one place to start. But instead of lyrics about partying and people, drop in more emotional stuff and (gasp) feelings.

They also have very layered instrumentation, with a full four guitarists at one point. And their singer belts it out with the passion he might give if he knew he'd never get to do it again.

To sum up: I left with a new band to tell all of my friends about. And isn't that what SXSW is all about?
Moving on, I caught up with the fellas from It's True. They've been having a good time, not seeing a ton of shows and they're a bit tired of the hassle that goes with being a South By band.

I can't blame them. It's a hassle to find a parking spot, load in, load out and deal with SXSW organizers.
I then caught Thunder Power who delivered a solid set of happy guitar pop, as is their style.

(Side Note: Video interviews with both will be on tomorrow or Monday.)

Now I'm at Fucked Up's showcase, where I'll be seeing them, Titus Andronicus and J Mascis. Reviews later tonight...

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