Saturday, March 20, 2010

SXSW Little Brazil guest blog: Final day at South By

It's a rough Saturday morning and I'm currently looking over my Friday notes trying to make sense of the craziness that was our final day in Austin.
As an artist, checking into the festival is one of the hardest things to do in world. Parking is always ridiculous and you have to wait in line like you're in a security checkpoint at JFK. But we have to accomlish this task in order to get our load-in information for later this evening.
After check-in we catch word that Superchunk is playing a free show at La Zona Rosa at 3:30PM. Somehow we confuse our show information and we end up at Stubbs and find out were about to see Hole? None of us really give a damn about her or her band so we head over to the Westword showcase to hear the Photo Atlas. Even with the weather being beautiful a ton of people come inside and check out the show. Then again, there was free beer. Rain or shine, free beer will always pack em in.
Around seven me and Oliver head over to BD Rileys to hear Its True while Dan and Landon head to check out Digital Leather at the Mohawk. Its True put on a damn good set attracting a large crowd on the strip. I'm pretty sure I saw one guy salute the band with the fish and chips he was eating. Guess that's a good sign?
Fast forward to after our showcase and I'm still somewhat frustrated with the outcome. Not that we didn't play our hearts out, its that the festival decided our sound was just a little too loud for the venue and city all together. Apparently we pushed the decibal level passed 120 and the city only allows 105. Thus we were asked to end our set after five songs. I will keep my personal feelings to myself, or atleast until tomorrow when make more sense of all this bulls&@t.
Greg Edds - Little Brazil

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