Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Brazil SXSW guest blog: Parking and playing

Day three begins by trying to find parking some where near the venue we have to play later tonight. For most people who don't know, trying to find a parking spot at sxsw is like trying to score a sweet deal at walmart on black friday.
With the parking problem solved we make our way down 6th street in search of the Jackalope. Its only noon and the majority of the people on the street are already intoxicated. Music is blasting into the street from every venue and its somewhat overwhelming. I expect an anxiety attack to happen very soon.
It's around 3PM and the Anodyne Records showcase is in full swing. Cappybara has just finished their set and our good friends Cowboy Indian Bear are up next. They put on a killer 30 minute set and upped the bar pretty high for us as we play next.
Little Brazil's set had to be cut a little short but we put everything we could into the eight song set. The crowd was warm and receptive and it's always great to see familar faces. The gimp limp made it through the set with only a few minor slip ups. I think I accidently smashed everybodys beer that was on my side of the stage.
Me, Danny and Landon headed over to the Canvas Bar and Grill to check out It's True and take a quick listen to other bands from Kansas City, MO. Oliver hauled balls to Jaime's to hear Brimstone Howl. Omaha is alive and well in Austin. Our city should be very proud of itself.
Fast forward four hours and 77 beers later and we are all way to drunk to talk and or listen to any music. At this point we don't even know what good music sounds like. We somehow make it back to our home base and pass out with cheeseburgers in our hands. Sadly, we lost Oliver in the drunken rage. Its cool as he will most likely show up in the morning. Another day down, one more to go.
Greg Edds - Little Brazil

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