Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW Little Brazil guest blog: Still getting to Austin

Another update from the gentlemen (and I stress that word) in Little Brazil, who finally got to Austin last night around midnight...

* * *

In true Little Brazil form we've slept through our wake up call and are now are four hours behind schedule. Its okay we've got Dan "Nascar" Maxwell behind the wheel and there are no such things as "speed limits" in his vocabulary.

We are about three hours into a ten hour drive and we have the Tom Cruise set at Jerry Rice and the time is slowly passing by.

To get through the boredom we've picked up our usual Penis Game. Just add the word "penis" to any Omaha sxsw band name and you're a pro. This not only makes time fly by, but it keeps us young and immature at heart. Some of the best we've come up with are; It's Penis, Thunder Penis, and we wish they were playing in Austin, Little Black Penis. Ohhh maturity.

It's hour five and we've come to the conclusion that Oklahoma City has the most break lights per capita. Hour six and we've just finished changing our first flat tire in about two years. Something about driving down to Austin and pieces of our vehicle not wanting to come with.

We roll into Austin around midnight and head to the Longbranch Inn, a staple for Little Brazil. This place also turns into the Omaha meet and greet as friends and other bands make their way to our location because I'm a gimp. We check out Jeff and The Brotherhood and a couple other acts at the Impose showcase, pound a couple more beers and head back to the casa for some rest.

It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.

Greg - Little Brazil

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