Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW: Play like it's your last

I got a late start today because of some issues with my hotel (note: if you ever come down here, stay as close to downtown as you can).
I write this as I stand in an epic line to see The xx. They sounds decent from outside.
Anyway, I caught Digital Leather this afternoon at Beerland, which looks like someone's garage, complete with cinder block walls, faded paint and manga comics lining the stage wall.
They were good, blasting out synthy punk and Shawn Foree writhing all over the stage. They played some new stuff, which Foree said is on a completed new album. Foree hopes (he used more colorful language) the Fat Possum will release it, but he's confident that it will see the light of day with or without them.
I ran into Chris Aponik there (he writes for The Reader) and also local singer-songwriter Brad Hoshaw, who is in town as a fan, not a performer. Most Omahans that I've seen in one place.
Next, I headed to The Jackalope where I caught the tail end of Little Brazil. They're busting their asses this year, handing out download cards and recruiting for their shows. Guitarist Greg Edds (who is playing on a broken foot) talked about how they treat these shows like any other - "play like it's your last," he said.
At the same time, Edds talked about how it's important to get people to watch you - you never know when someone important is watching (booking agents, equipment reps, bloggers, record label people). That's why it's good, he said, to play your ass off. You never know when the right person is watching.

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