Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Little Brazil SXSW guest blog: On the road to Austin

The first of several updates from Omaha band Little Brazil during their trip to Austin. Without further ado, I turn it over to LB's Greg Edds...
* * *
Not even 15 minutes before leaving Omaha we are already heading in the wrong direction. Seems Oliver, our drummer, wants to go to North to the colder climate instead of i35 south. Problem solved and we are on our way to the first show in Kansas City, Mo.
During the drive we got stuck in an extensive argument about what car manufacturer makes the most police vehicles and how big the worlds largest vaccum cleaner is. These conversations last about an hour before we decide to stop for some of grandpa's road sodas and cookies. We actually run into another Nebraska band, the Lepers, at a random gas station in Missouri. They buy beef jerky and make fun of me for wearing a very non-fashionable foot cast.
The foot cast is whole other story that I will get into at a later date and coffee break.
Fast forward to the Czar Bar where we just finished our first set warming up for SXSW. We keep the songs short and sweet and somehow manage to stay sober for most of the set. The other touring bands killed it on stage and the pre-festival excitement is definitely in the air.
We buy a couple more road sodas and head over to a friends house for a late night pizza party. Before we fall asleep Landon has awkward sexual encounter with a puggle that crashed our pajama jam.
Night one is in the books and we are one day closer to Austin.
Greg - Little Brazil

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