Monday, August 17, 2009

Ah, to be young (again)

I hit up 89.7 The River's River Riot yesterday and I have to say that the show made me feel 15 again.

Why? I was watching a band from my high school days perform in a venue that I went to a LOT of times in the same era.

I'm kinda talking about Blink-182, but I specifically mean Pomeroy. It seems like every show I went to back in the day had Pomeroy as an opener, some as a headliner and a few of those performances were at Westfair.

Other than some new songs, the guys haven't changed much. They still play the same funky rap-rock they did 10 years ago, and performed the songs "Summer Night" and "Roboflow."

Anyway, it brought me back to special time and place for the 30 minutes or so that they were onstage. Memories...

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