Friday, August 7, 2009

Rain, rain go away

It's still raining. Coming down slowly, but surely. It hasn't stopped crowds from showing up. We just got word that the show sold out of three day tickets and of today's passes.

Caught pieces of sets from Black Joe Lewis and The Knux while I was wandering around. Both were good, but I didn't stick around.

I did check out the Gaslight Anthem, a rock band that will be compared to Bruce Springsteen for the rest of its existence. It's not just because their lead singer sounds remarkably close to Springsteen. They sing about the same blue-collar, familiar subjects that he does.

The group will be at Sokol Underground on Sept. 11. I recommend checking them out. If you have a chance to check the band's MySpace, give the song "The '59 Sound" a try.

Next up for me is Bon Iver, on the other side of the grounds. Ben Folds, Fleet Foxes and The Decemberists follow.

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