Saturday, August 8, 2009

Staying put

Clouds came in and the wind picked up, so it became a much nicer day. This has, however, brought out about twice the people that were here yesterday. It's getting difficult to move around, which is why my friends and I have camped out on one end of the park and haven't moved for awhile.

It's been hours since I last updated about the music. We checked out Atmosphere to start, and I can see why he's so popular. The Minnesota native rapper was good. He's not Eminem, but who is, really? It was a perfect time in the afternoon to have some hip-hop.

I heard a song or two from Gomez, the British indie rockers that performed at Omaha's summer youth concert in Memorial Park a few months ago. What I heard was interesting, but now I'm not worried that I didn't see the Memorial Park show.

Perry Farrell had a pretty cool DJ set at Perry's, the DJ spot that features Bassnectar tonight and MSTRKRFT tomorrow. Farrell had a "special guest" that I didn't catch the name of, but I wasn't paying much attention to that person. Farrell took the mic and was singing the whole time.

Just got done hearing Santigold and TV on the Radio. Santigold made my friends - who hadn't heard her before - start dancing around. I think my pals are now hooked.

Ben Harper and the Relentless7 are up on the stage next to me now. I'll report back later.

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