Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's hot! Just walking from the train to the show has me practically soaked through my shirt.

Speaking of shirts, let's talk Lolla fashion for a moment. It's a music festival, so there are a lot of hipsters. With a lot of hipsters, you have a lot of beards and you have some interesting clothing choices.

While most everyone is decked out in T-shirts and shorts to stay cool, there have been some other interesting choices.

Cuffed jeans are a popular choice among guys and gals, although I don't know why one would choose to wear jeans in 90-degree-and-up heat and humidity. T-shirts with ironic messages are all over the place (a favorite being one with a picture of North Korea's leader that read "Kim Jong is Illin' ").

Other faves were a girl wearing skin-tight gold lamé pants and a very skinny dude wearing nothing but bright orange hot pants. Some folks have chosen to go almost-clothingless. A lot of shirtless men and bikini-clad women have been seen wandering Grant Park.

Best Outfit of the Fest Award has to go to a guy and girl in their late teens/early 20s decked out in Indian garb. Guy was wearing a headress, body paint and leather shorts. Girl was wearing feathers, a beaded headband and a suede dress. People kept asking to take pictures with them, to which the girl said, "Oh my God, we're going to be all over the Internet."


OK then... Listening to Alberta Cross. Decent, though not particularly memorable. Going to get some water and head to Ra Ra Riot shortly.

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