Monday, August 24, 2009

Capgun Coup's new album

I've taken far too long to write about this, but here it is:

Inspired by their time living at Hotel Frank (the Farnam Street house where half of the town's indie rock scene has lived), Omaha's own Capgun Coup will release a new album on Nov. 3.

Released through Conor Oberst’s label Team Love Records, the 14-track “Maudlin” was born from performances at Hotel Frank, where members of the band lived for a time.

Cover art for the CD (above) features four members of the band tarred and feathered and sitting in one of the front rooms of the house.

Don't know what this means for the group's relationship with Omaha label Slumber Party Records. Slumber Party's site and label-runner Aaron Markley (who I talked to today for an unrelated thing) still list Capgun Coup as part of the roster.

"Maudlin" track listing:
1. Computer Screens And TVs
2. Sitting On The Sidewalk
3. Ari Are We
4. Got Alot of Gull
5. Only The Times Are Changing
6. Fishlip
7. Wish I Was A Fag
8. Now That I’m Home
9. Farnam Street
10. Pretty City
11. Bad Bands
12. For Fish
13. When I’m Gone
14. Breaks No Heart Of Mine

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