Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bright Eyes makes the top 500

Pitchfork has released it's top 500 songs of the decade (slightly premature, in my opinion, but I guess they want to be first).

Anyhoo, I figured Conor Oberst and maybe some other locals would make it on the list. So far, Oberst and his band Bright Eyes clocked in at No. 266 with "First Day of My Life" and No. 252 with "The Calendar Hung Itself"

Bright Eyes' "Road to Joy" and "The Calendar Hung Itself" made it into "The Pitchfork 500," the website's top 500 songs from "punk to the present."

Does that mean we'll see "Road to Joy" somewhere in the top 100? We'll have to see. The last 100 on the list will be revealed in pieces over the next three days.

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