Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kings of Leon, Kings of Leon and more Kings of Leon

I saw "Inglourious Basterds" last night and it was fantastic in all of its Tarantino-y glory. The music was like any other Tarantino flick, odd and disjointed when listened to on the soundtrack, but each song fit perfectly into the film.

With one exception: There's a David Bowie song ("Cat People," I think) toward the end when Soshanna is getting ready for the premiere that totally took me out of the movie when I first heard it. As the song progressed, I got a little more into it, but it was a little jarring to hear a Bowie tune in the middle of a period movie about WWII.

But, let's see some headlines!

• MTV did a West Side Story parody to preview the VMAs with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Russell Brand, Ne-Yo and Cobra Starship. And it's actually pretty good. Naturally, Russell Brand steals the show (especially liked the line about Lady GaGa).

• If you've ever thought about getting a band to play your wedding (we're talking the actual Rolling Stones, not some local cover group), you may want to reconsider. It's probably more expensive than it would be to book them at the Qwest Center.

• I like the Kings of Leon, but enough with bands saying their songs sound like Radiohead. Somehow, I highly doubt that.

• Speaking of the Kings, they're getting their very own remix album. Count me excited for Timberlake and Pharrell versions of KoL songs. As for Linkin Park? Kill me now.

• What's with all of the Kings of Leon stuff today? They've got a DVD coming too. Sheesh.

• Eminem, Kanye, Weezy and Drake team up. This is like a hip-hop episode of Superfriends, with Kanye and Eminem as Superman and Batman and Lil Wayne as Green Lantern. While Drake gets top billing on the song, I still see him as one of the Wonder Twins or something. Enjoyed the scenery (ahem) in his "Best I Ever Had" video, but the song is kind of lacking. Repeating "You da best" and "Best I ever had" is not a great refrain (hip hop or otherwise), in my opinion.

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