Monday, August 24, 2009

Matt Whipkey

Matt Whipkey has been the Movies. He's been Anonymous American. He's been Matt Whipkey and Anonymous American. He's been the Whipkey Three.

On Saturday night at the Waiting Room, he was just plain Matt Whipkey.

The guitarist/songwriter/singer was celebrating the release of his home-recorded, all-analog solo album, "Instant Heart." He performed the nine-song album in its entirety before doing a few more rockin' solo numbers.

After Whipkey's solo set, they traded drummer Scott "Zip" Zimmerman for Wayne Brekke to do a full set as Anonymous American.

Unfortunately, a big crowd didn't appear. A decent amount of people attended, but it certainly wasn't one that Whipkey deserved for his effort.

Favorite moment of the night was when a woman in her 40s/50s came up to Whipkey after his solo set and declared, "You're going to make it. Your music is so good and I'm sure of it, you're going to make it big."

Whipkey laughed, said thanks and signed her CD.

A note: If you're ever at the Waiting Room, don't park in that seemingly vacant lot just off of Maple on 63rd St. Turns out it's a private lot and cars got towed from there on Saturday night (one of which was mine) and it cost $200 to get it back. First time I've seen that even though myself and several of my friends have parked there on numerous occasions.

Kind of ridiculous considering whomever owns that lot probably wasn't in need of the parking at 12:30 a.m. Just my guess. Also, the guy at the towing company assured me that the owner of the lot was "trying to shut that place down," and by "that place," he meant the Waiting Room. Once it's shut down, the lot "wouldn't be a problem any more." Right. Good luck with that one, chief.

Photo from Matt Whipkey's facebook page.

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