Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pete Townshend, Fall Out Boy and more

Well, there's not much going on from me in the first part of the day. I haven't seen any shows in a few days and I didn't have any interviews scheduled with touring artists.

I will be spending part of the evening with the revered Tim Wildsmith of Tim Wildsmith fame. I'm following him into the studio tonight for a story that I'm working on. If you haven't heard of Tim's new project, I suggest you check out his site called Finance My Album. For just a buck, you can help a local artist and get your name in the liner notes of a rock album, where you've always wanted to read it. Cool.

Check out Tim's video:

Anyway, headlines!

• Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy got arrested yesterday.

• YouTube will be streaming this weekend's Outside Lands festival in San Francisco. The festival has quite the lineup going over three days. Starting Friday, check out to watch performances.

• This is the one you've been waiting for: Madonna is releasing a massive greatest hits compilation thing.

• Always wanted to listen to Jingle Bells, but not understand the lyrics? Bob Dylan's got a Christmas album. At least he's clearer than Van Morrison these days.

• Not music related, but Scrubs is coming back with new characters. This should be interesting.

Massive Attack has some new stuff.

• Beat up Rihanna, stay out of jail. Chris Brown was sentenced.

• "I hope I die before I get old." Well, now The Who's Pete Townshend is writing a musical about the subject. Getting old, that is.

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